FRUSTRATED Southend United fans have had their own penalty decisions reversed after a series of parking fines were cancelled.

Southend Council has apologised after The Shrimpers’ supporters returned from Roots Hall after the FA Cup defeat to find their cars, legally parked at the Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, had been ticketed by over zealous parking wardens who forgot what day it was.

The car park is a much needed spot for Southend United fans travelling to the town to watch the match on Saturdays.

During the week, the car park is restricted for permit holders but there are no restrictions in place at the weekends, although this didn’t stop six being given tickets.

One of the unlucky fans said: “I’m absolutely fuming. This is not the first time we’ve had this issue over this on Saturday matchdays.

“Every car in the underground section had been given a penalty charge notice and we were understandably angry.

“The matches are generating much needed revenue for the council and in the current financial climate surely that should be welcome.

“Secondly, a number of supporters who park there come from outside the town and they said it leaves a very sour taste to be given a ticket.”

Councillor Martin Terry said: “It was highly embarrassing as a member of the council to be called out in public and I was as helpful as I could be.

“It’s ridiculous and not the first time this has happened.”

But they didn’t need VAR for the decision to be reversed after the council admitted the error and issued an apology to the drivers.

Andrew Moring, councillor for infrastructure, said: “Six vehicles were incorrectly given PCNs in the underground car park at the Civic Centre.

“I apologise for the stress and inconvenience this will have caused those affected. All of the parking fines have now been cancelled and the vehicle owners will not be charged.”