A SCHEME to protect more than a mile of coastline has been unveiled.

The Shoebury community is being invited to have its say on a proposed scheme to protect the area from tidal flooding and coastal erosion.

Marine engineers have worked up four options for feasible coastal management schemes along the 1.2mile stretch of coast between Thorpe Bay Yacht Club and the World War II Quick Battery.

The aim of the scheme is to improve protection to residential properties, beach-front businesses, and critical infrastructure including roads, railway, and utilities services within the area.

The four proposals are maintaining existing defences, strengthening the base of the seawall with rocks, burying “geotextile” bags beneath the sand to raise the beach height and replacing ageing wooden groynes as well as recharging the beach with more sand.

Former controversial plans for a £35million, 7ft high wall to be built across Shoebury Common have not been resurrected

Helen Boyd, councillor for public protection, said: “This area is an important tourist site, with Shoebury Common Beach awarded the Blue Flag beach award and the Quality Coast Award. It is also a major residential area and the site of important infrastructure, such a national cycle route and public rights of way that need to be protected.

“Most coastal defences along the seafront are now getting quite old, having been initially constructed and developed between the 1920s and 1960s. This means that not only do they require more and more maintenance but they are not fit for the anticipated rise in sea levels and storms brought about by climate change."

Further details of these options can be found by visiting www.bettersouthend.co.uk and selecting Shoeburyness Coastal Management Scheme.

Drop-in events will be held at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club, Thorpe Bay Gardens, Southend on Wednesday, December 12, Thursday, January 10 and February 5 between 10am and 7pm.

The consultation runs until 18 February 2019.