A GANG of yobs have been condemned after reducing an 84-year-old man to tears in the street.

Furious residents have called for an end to yob culture on Canvey after the victim was terrorised.

Calls have been made for police to do more after two incidents in three days.

On November 23 the gang of five aged around 14 surrounded him, screaming and swearing in his face.

Two days prior stones and eggs were thrown at his house.

It is not known why they are targeted the pensioner.

Witness, Chantelle Price Todd, said: “I was on my way home from work at around half six when I saw the group of boys surrounding him.

“I stopped to see if he was okay, but he was really upset and had tears in his eyes.

“The kids might have thought he was an easy target and he said he gets this a lot, they just cause havoc.”

Ms Price, who lives on Canvey, added: “I felt really bad for him, I couldn’t leave him. “He said to me ‘I have had enough, all I want is a quiet life’.

“I felt really sad after especially since this isn’t the first person it’s happened to. If it were my grandparents I would be so angry.”

Since the incidents, the latest in a series of problems on the island, he has been given a free CCTV camera to help.

Resident Marion Brocklebank, 63, said: “It’s disgraceful, nobody should be doing that to the elderly. It’s terrible and something has got to be done. A lot of parents I know would die if they knew their child was doing that.

“I won’t even go out in the dark anymore, as soon as the lights go off at 12, the break-ins start.”

Councillor Dave Blackwell added: “Kids have no respect for adults and police anymore. It’s got worse, I’ve never known anything like it and I grew up in Canvey all my life.

“These kids wouldn’t do this to their grandparents, it’s absolutely despicable and they should be put in detention. They pick on the disabled and think it’s funny.

“Not enough is done for community safety and it’s both the council and police’s responsibility. The residents wont stand for it and it’s got out of control.” Essex Police were contacted for comment.