A MAN accused of being jointly responsible for the murder of a teenager had no idea his friend was even carrying a knife, a court heard.

Aidon Pearce, 21, of Treecot Drive, Leigh, is on trial for the murder and attempted robbery of Fabian Kacica with Joe Paffey at Basildon Crown Court.

Paffey, 21, of Old Southend Road, Southend, is accused of delivering the fatal knife wound to 19-year-old Fabian who died on May 14 outside the Forum library this year.

Both deny all charges.

Yesterday, during his closing speech, Pearce’s barrister Paul Mendelle QC said Pearce scolded Paffey in the hours after Fabian’s death.

He recalled his cross-examination of Paffey during the trial and said: “Aidon Pearce was telling you off, calling you a ******** and stupid and said ‘you thought you’re hard, you’re going to get us all arrested’ to which Paffey replied ‘yes’.”

During his police interview, Pearce told officers he had no idea Paffey was carrying a knife.

Reading the interview to the jurors, Mr Mendelle said: “I wouldn’t have even been with Joe if I had known he had a knife.

“I would have told him to sort his life out and made him throw it away.

“Do you think I would stand round with my friends if I had known they had a knife?

“We get stopped at the Forum all the time and searched.” Mr Mendelle went on to remind the jury that Pearce was so aware of CCTV at the Forum he didn’t even want to fight Fabian - let alone steal his car or kill him.

Quoting Pearce’s police interview, Mr Mendelle said: “[Fabian] said he was going to run me over so I took the keys and that’s when he started throwing punches at me.

"I didn’t even hit him back because I knew I was on camera and as soon as I did there would be a fight and we would all get arrested.”

The trial, at Basildon Crown Court, continues.