A MAKESHIFT child’s playground has been ordered to be removed by council officers who reportedly told residents to take their kids to a park 20 minutes away instead.

Residents of Stevens Close, Canvey, which consists of six flats, all chipped in back in March, to buy a slide, swing and trampoline for their children.

They claim to have been told by a housing officer he would check but if they did not hear back it would be fine.

Eight months on and council contractors turned up without warning to remove the equipment.

One of the mothers involved said: “I was on my way to work in the morning when suddenly I saw this truck turn up with three men.

“They told us the council had contracted them to remove the kids’ stuff – I couldn’t believe it, we had no warning whatsoever.

“I pleaded with them not to, and they felt bad and said they didn’t feel right doing it and left it.

“We then had the housing officer come round and get nasty with us saying it would all be going and we would foot the bill, and that we had no entitlement to the communal garden anyway.

“I can’t understand why it would be called a communal garden if no one can use it.

“We maintain it so well, we have made it so nice out there. It’s beautiful. We planted flowers, we have fairy lights. We all have barbecues in the summer and love making use of it.”

The parents claimed the council should be concentrating on improvements instead.

One said: “For three years there has been a broken kerb that my daughter and another resident’s child both tripped on. My daughter cut her head open and the other child was badly grazed.

“They have never bothered to do anything about it, our washing area is overflowing with sewage.

“The kids all play together, we all chipped in to to buy the equipment for the children and they love it. It just seems so unfair. My six year old daughter is so upset and can’t understand it.”

A spokesman for Castle Point Council said: “The council’s housing services manager has been asked to look into it and respond directly to residents.”