A procession of 30 taxis led the heartfelt send-off to a larger-than-life and very popular taxi driver.

Dave Clift, 69, from Southend, died after being diagnosed with Sepsis.

The father-of-two had also battled lung cancer and pneumonia.

His family arranged a huge funeral including a procession with about 30 taxis.

The community turned out for the send off for the much-loved cabbie, including Derek Jarvis, mayor of Southend.

He has two daughters and two grandsons.

The service was held on Wednesday at Southend Crematorium, Sutton Road, Southend.

The procession travelled through Southend to the crematorium.

His daughters Natasha and Mikaela have paid tribute to the loving, family man.

Natasha Clift, 41, from Southend said: “He was a fighter and even fought for his last breath.

“Dad had many jobs, but cars and motoring were always a big part of his life.

“He was a taxi driver in Basildon, then later a cab driver in Southend and was chairman and later president of the Southend Licensed Taxi Driver Association.

“Dad wanted a big funeral and wanted Southend to come to a stop and we were able to give him that.

“He worked as a mechanic from the age of 15 and worked around the world at racing championships and worked with Ferrari teams.

“We’ve had so many people messaging us online with tributes, it’s been so lovely.

“At the service there was only standing room and we had about 200 people and so many flowers.”

Mikaela Clements, 46, from Southend said she remembers her father always had cars he was working on at the home.

She would spend time with him as fixed cars.

She said: “He loved his family and it was so important to him.

“He was so passionate about his work and would help anyone.”