CANVEY SCAMMERS are trying to con you out of money, by jamming your cards in bank ATM’s.

One man took to social media to warn Islanders of his experience, where his card was nearly taken at the Barclays Bank ATM.

He found once he inserted his card, it was jammed by a plastic device which con artists had placed in the card insert. Fortunately, he managed to retrieve his card, along with the money thieving device.

He claims that shortly after, a man approached the cash machine and checked the card reader.

Councillors have raised their concerns about the severity of scams and how they have worsened on the Island.

Barry Campagna, Councillor for Canvey Island South, said: “This is getting ridiculous, you can’t even go to the bank without getting ripped off.

“When you’ve lived on Canvey as long as I have, it’s such a shame when you hear about things like this.

“In meetings, the police tell us about cybercrimes, trafficking and things like that, they are covering all of this so there less of them on beat.”

Dave Blackwell, Councillor for Canvey Island Central, said: “People seem to be up to all the tricks in the world to con people out of money.

“Most ATM’s are outside and are being contaminated by villains trying to steal our details.

“I’ve had a similar problem before. My bank called and asked if I had been to Lithuania, where someone had spent €600 on my card. I’d never even left the country!

“It’s sad that this is happening really, it really is getting bad. So many are trying to con people out of their hard-earned money.

“There was a similar thing at Morrisons not long ago, where people were putting gadgets on the machines to read people’s cards.

“It’s the banks and shops responsibility to check the machines, banks and staff should be trained to recognise when there is a device on the machine to make them as secure as possible.

“It’s difficult for members of the public to tell they have been tampered with, they might not even realise someone has just taken their card details.

“These techniques people use to take your money have become more sophisticated without a doubt. I’ve heard of times when people have used gadgets to scan the card in your pocket and take the details that way.

“Public safety is a problem with this as well, people feel unnerved. Personally, I never use an outside cash machine. When you’re outside at night, you never know who is hanging around.

“Always go inside the bank if you can to draw money out, nowadays you can’t be too safe.”

Ray Howard, Councillor for Canvey Island West, said: “I am obviously shocked this is happening, it gives Canvey the wrong image.

“It’s only a small part of the community doing this, which is heart breaking to see. They should be caught, named and shamed, because there is no room for them here.

“I was born in Canvey and have lived here my whole life. When I was growing up here it was unheard of to lock your door when you went out. Now you get revelations come out like these sorts of incidents.

“I will raising this issue in my next meeting with Roger Hirst, who is the Crime Commissioner for Essex.”

Peter Greig, Councillor for Canvey Island Winter Gardens, said: “I don’t use outdoor cash machines or this reason. My family think it’s old fashioned, but it’s best to be safe.

“Canvey is suffering a spate of incidents involving anti-social behaviour. Residents should be more vigilant, have a look around when using cash machines to make sure nobody is standing too close, they should check the machine before use and try to use the machines inside the bank.”

Canvey resident, Marion Brocklebank, 63, said: “Personally, I think it’s disgraceful.

“It’s gotten terrible, there is so much happening on Canvey and it’s only getting worse without a doubt.

“I don’t feel safe when I go to the ATM and my husband would go made if he thought I went to one in the dark.

“It used to be a lovely little island, now I check everything is double locked. It was safe 40 years ago, but it isn’t safe now.”

In response to the incident, a Barclays spokesperson said: “Unfortunately fraud is a problem for the whole banking industry and we continue to work hard to look at how we can combat attacks whilst ensuring that we maintain a maximum ATM service.

“We advise customers to always be vigilant when using their bank cards, for example be wary of anybody who is nearby or approaches when you are using the ATM, be alert for signs that the ATM may have been tampered with and, most importantly, ensure that you always shield your PIN.

“If your card is withheld or you notice any suspicious behaviour please notify your bank straight away - Barclays customers should call 0870 010 4503 so that their card can be blocked immediately and rendered useless to the criminals.

“If a customer is an innocent victim of fraud, we have a policy which ensures they are refunded any losses."