A FAMILY is set to be made homeless after a dad’s kidney disease left him unable to work.

Daniel Poppy has developed debilitating illness and began daily dialysis in December last year.

This has left the former construction manager unable to work and, as a result, cannot afford to pay his rent and faces being made homeless with his pregnant wife and three children.

The 36-year-old, of The Chase, Billericay, claims Basildon Council has done nothing to help him, and that it has told him and his family to wait until bailiffs evict his family from their privately-rented home before they can help.

He has also had his application for permanent social housing suspended due to him owing £3,100 in rent arrears, which he has not been able to afford after losing his job,

Mr Poppy said: “My kidney disease means I have to be on dialysis every night, and I cannot afford to work,

“I’m suffering side effects and high blood pressure, which has been affected due to the stress in worrying about how my family is going to be housed.

“The council have been no help at all; they’re refusing to take responsibility until I’ve been evicted and my application for social housing has been suspended because of the rent arrears I owe.

“But I haven’t been able to afford this because of my health in the last few months. I just don’t know where to turn.

“I was doing really well before this; I had a decent job on a good wage, but now my family faces homelessness.”

He added: “I can’t believe how unhelpful the council has been, letting a family be booted out of their home before helping them and suspending an application for social housing, all for me being ill.”

Don Morris, chairman of Basildon Council’s housing committee, said: “We can confirm Mr Poppy has made an application to the Housing Register for permanent social housing, however his application has been suspended for reasons which have been made known to him.

“Alongside his application to the Housing Register, Mr Poppy has also approached the council’s housing solutions service for housing advice and assistance.

“Mr Poppy currently has a dedicated housing solutions officer who is working closely with him and his family to secure a solution to their current housing difficulties.

“While we are unable to comment further on individual cases, Basildon Council takes its statutory responsibilities regarding the provision of safe, secure and affordable accommodation for borough residents extremely seriously.

“While demand for accommodation far outweighs supply, every effort is made to minimise the disruption and upset caused by the threat of homelessness.”