A MUM says she fears for her life and her children after receiving a number of death threats.

Teresa Diamond said she and her two children, aged eight and 12, have been harassed over the last two weeks by another woman, who has reportedly followed them when walking home from school shouting she would “kill their mum”.

Ms Diamond, of Victoria Avenue, Southend, said the threats have left her scared to leave her home, with her children being too scared to attend school.

The 43-year-old said: “It’s happened several times over the last week, it’s utterly horrible and my son who is only eight has missed so many days of school.

“It’s got to the stage now where she’s following them when they’re walking a few minutes down the road from school to home.

“She kept saying: ‘I’m going to kill your mum’, to them and they’ve been so afraid they’ve had to run and hide in the bushes.

“I’ve never seen my son so scared before.

“Now I’m just as scared to take them out of the flat anywhere.”

Ms Diamond said one morning the woman spotted her and ran up and tried to attack her, and now lies in wait for her when she and her children walk by.

She fears if police do not take action soon, she and her children may end up hurt.

She added: “When it first happened to the kids they were walking home alone because I’d had an injection in my foot in hospital. I’ve had some health problems recently so I’ve been off my feet for a few days.

“This woman is literally waiting to pounce on me and my children.

“I don’t know what it’ll take for an arrest to happen and I’m worried I might get killed.

“This is the first time we have been settled as a family as we fled a previous volatile relationship where there was domestic violence and we felt we’d finally be able to live a normal life.

“But now this woman has taken a crusade against us all.”

Ms Diamond said she just wants to see her children live a safe life and be able to attend school without facing any threats.

Essex Police confirmed officers have received multiple reports of death threats and harassment and are investigating the situation.

A spokesman said: “We are investigating following a number of incidents where a woman has reportedly made threats and harassed another person in Southend.”

He added: “Our enquiries are ongoing and we have updated the victim with progress in the investigation.”