A NOTORIOUS landlord is due up in court accused of breaching a court order which banned him from renting his property out.

Robert Crow, who owns 19 Devereux Road, Southend, was the subject of a number of complaints by residents over several years.

In September last year, a court order preventing anyone from entering the property other than himself and his immediate family was implemented after he was convicted of 18 offences.

The criminal charges related to the dangerous, insanitary and substandard living conditions of the property which he shared with his tenants.

But, after receiving complaints from neighbours, the Echo has learned Crow is accused of breaching his criminal behaviour order and is now due back before the magistrates’ court on February 20 for a hearing which will see Southend Council’s enforcement team present its evidence.

At the previous trial, Basildon Magistrates Court heard witnesses describe water leaking through lights, a kitchen which was so cluttered and insanitary that it was unusable, bath and shower facilities which were caked in filth and tiny bedrooms hoarded with rubbish.

One man described how he would sleep on the floor of one of the rooms and would use the washing facilities at a homeless centre once a week to wash as there were no facilities at the property.

The court also heard some prospective tenants at the property – many in desperate situations - had been promised rooms would be cleared before they moved in only to find them strewn with Mr Crow’s personal possessions and in a filthy condition when they arrived.

The address has repeatedly been the subject of complaints of antisocial behaviour and was the scene of a stabbing in October 2017.

As well as the criminal behaviour order, Crow was also fined £36,000, ordered to pay costs of £7,865.10 - an amount which was in addition to a pre-existing court fine of £39,323 with £4,028 in costs issued in May 2016 for failing to comply with a prohibition order, improvement notices and various breaches of management regulations.

Southend Council’s housing team worked with the tenants of the property to find them more appropriate accommodation in the wake of the trial.

Ahead of the next court hearing, a spokesman for Southend Council said: “The individual has been charged with breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order and has now been served a summons to appear at the magistrates’ court.

“He is now due in court on February 20.”

The council’s enforcement team has been continually monitoring the property to ensure the order is met.

Breaching a criminal behaviour order could result in up to two years’ imprisonment.