A WOMAN is hoping to find a couple from Southend who help her 69-year-old mother after she suffered a nasty fall.

Patricia Broad was walking in her home town of Lydd in Kent when she tripped and fell badly on her arm, causing a fracture amongst other injuries.

A couple who were visiting the area found Mrs Broad lying on the pavement and came to her aid, finding her phone from her coat and calling her daughter Joanne James, who was half an hour away.

The couple waited with Mrs Broad for 30 minutes before her two daughters arrived and called an ambulance.

The incident took place on Saturday February 4, and Mrs Broad has been recovering in hospital, with the hope of being discharged by the end of the week.

Joanne James is now appealing to help find the couple to say thank you.

She said: “It happened at about 2pm on the Saturday when I received the call, I was a good half an hour away.

“My sister arrived slightly before I did. My mum had fallen on her arm when she had her hand in her pocket, and when she was lying you could see it was the wrong way around, but I don’t think many people realised how bad it was at the time.

“The couple had waited with her the whole time before we arrived. They didn’t want to call an ambulance as they didn’t know her name or her details, so we called one as soon as we were there.

“In the rush of it all I never caught the couple’s names, I only caught that they were from Southend in Essex.

“We would absolutely love to be able to thank them in person, it was really thoughtful and generous of them to help her. They were out of town and on their way home, but they stayed to make sure my mum was in good hands.”

Joanne said she has put an appeal out on Facebook to find the couple but has not had any responses, but hopes the couple can be found.

She added: “I’ve had loads of nice messages from people in Southend, all very supportive and helpful, but sadly no leads on the couple. I really hope they can be found.”

If the couple wishes to come forward, they can email ellis.whitehouse@newsquest.co.uk.