SHOCKING cctv footage has been released showing the moment a gun-man stormed a shop.

The incident took place at Mama’s Superstore & Off Licence, at Southernhay, in Basildon, at about 11pm on Wednesday.

The masked robber, who was dressed head-to-toe in black clothing and wore gloves, entered the store pointing what appeared to be a black chrome handgun at the shop worker.

The horrified member of staff was re-stocking the crisps in the corner of the store beside the door when the thug came in and began threatening him.

Roshan George, who has owned the store for two and a half years, said: “My worker was shaking, and he is off work now but he is okay.

“He hadn’t been working here long and was only working for four hours a day.

“He came from India six months ago.

“After it happened, he called me and I came straight to the shop and the police were called.

“The man was completely covered and he was demanding cash from the till.

“He left with £875 and also some cigarettes.

“He had accomplices who were waiting outside, but they also had their faces covered but one of them was wearing a yellow jacket.

“It is the first time something like this has happened.

“I am sad about it.”

The gun-wielding thug can be seen in shocking CCTV footage waving the firearm around and pointing to the till as the member of staff does his best to put the cash from the till into a carrier bag.

As he begins filling up the bag, the suspect can then be seen taking cigarettes from the shelf. He then puts them in the carrier bag before snatching it off the worker and fleeing the store.