THE leavers say we’ve nothing to fear from Brexit because we’re the world’s fifth biggest economy.

We’ve been members of the Common Market, then the EU, for the past 50 years, might there be a connection?

We’re setting up our corner shop against the EU’s supermarket, in direct competition for trade with the US, China and Japan especially.

I wonder who will win?

We can trade with the world. The EU are already doing it, and so were we, through them.

Half British big businesses have their headquarters abroad and most of our public utilities are in Europe’s hands.

So much for freedom.

How will we be leaving Europe, exactly?

How will we be leaving EU control?

We won’t be. Not now and not ever. But we’ll be voiceless.

The leavers are a bunch of idiot fantaststs, little England nationalists and British Empire racists – England’s the best, to hell with the rest.

That would be the rest of the world, outside Blighty’s parochial shores.

It seems no argument, no matter how penetrating, can make a dent in a leaver’s head.

Of course, the Brexiteers will blame everybody else for Wrexit, everybody but the Brexiteers themselves, where blame truly belongs.

The UK stands on dangerous faultlines because of them, with Europe increasingly right wing, thanks to our example.

I fear for the future. We’re going to have to see some unforseen miracle to avoid disaster.

Northville Drive, Westcliff