A MURDERER from Southend stabbed her great uncle to death with a Rambo-style hunting knife because he would not give her money.

Kerry Donovan, 29, of Pantile Avenue, Southend, was convicted of the murder of Leroy Junior Edwards at the Old Bailey following a trial.

Aaron Woolcock, 30, of Lewisham, was convicted of the manslaughter of Mr Edwards. He was acquitted of murder. 

Both will be sentenced next month for their role in the killing of Mr Edwards, 66, at his home address in Lewisham in the early hours of August 18 last year.

The court heard how Donovan and Woolcock, who are distant relatives of the victim, had both gone to see him.

They demanded money and an argument broke out.

Mr Edwards was stabbed several times and Donovan and Woolcock fled the scene.

A neighbour reported hearing banging coming from upstairs and found a trail of blood that led to Mr Edward’s door.

Officers attended, along with the ambulance service, and they forced entry to the flat where Mr Edwards was found with a large knife on the floor next to him. He died in hospital.

A murder investigation was launched and a post-mortem examination confirmed the cause of death as multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest.

During a search of the scene, a purse was recovered and police found it contained a driver’s licence and bank cards belonging to Donovan.

Enquiries revealed Donovan was in financial difficulties due to her addiction to Class A and B drugs.

Officers arrested Donovan in Basildon on suspicion of murder and she was charged two days later.

Witnesses reported seeing two people leave the flat following the fight and after extensive CCTV enquiries, the second suspect was traced.

Woolcock was arrested in September. Both were remanded into custody until they are sentenced.