A WOMAN was attacked and robbed of cash during a daylight attack.

Witnesses say she was repeatedly punched by a man and robbed of £100 in Eastwood Road, Rayleigh.

Emergency services are said to have rushed to the scene after the incident near the busy high street.

Staff at nearby businesses said they witnessed a “commotion.”

One worker said: “I’ve heard about the incident and saw something going in the street.

“It caused quite a fuss in the area.

“There was a lot of noise and people standing about for some time.

“I also saw an ambulance in the street.”

She added: “It is horrific and I hope the woman makes a full and speedy recovery after what has happened.

“People were coming into our shop and talking about it.

“I can’t believe someone would do that.”

Another shop owner said: “I saw the ambulance and thought something horrible has happened.”

He added: “It so very concerning and I really hope people catch this person before anyone else is harmed or attacked.”

A number of residents took to Facebook appealing for witnesses to come forward and slammed passersby who failed to step in and save the victim from the attack.

One concerned woman posted: “Did anybody see an incident at 3.30pm where a lady was assaulted.

“She was punched four times whilst walking on the pavement from Boots to Marks and Spencer past Wimpy.

“There was a group of two women and a few men.

“They’ve stolen £100 from her bag.

“Police are aware, however if you know the people who were involved, report it.

“It’s disgusting that there were so many onlookers that did nothing.

“I’m heartbroken this is what our nice little Rayleigh has come to.”

Another resident said it happened quickly and she was trying to stop shoplifters.

It happened yesterday.

Essex Police and the ambulance service were contacted for comment.