THREE stolen caravans were found when police attended an unauthorised encampment near Basildon.

Essex Police's Gypsey, Traveller and Rural Engagement Team were deployed to an unauthorised encampment in Oak Lane, Basildon on Saturday morning where four caravans had been reported to have set up.

When inspecting the caravans, police officers found three out of the four had been stolen.

PC Andy Long, of the police's GTP team, said one caravan was displaying fake security numbers which "stood out like a sore thumb".

The team are now in the process of recovering the caravans to be sent back to their owners.

They tweeted: "The team deployed to an U/E in Oak Lane Basildon - during our normal checks we found THREE out of four caravans to be stolen, what a great day at the office.

"Caravans now being recovered and potentially en route home to their lawful owners."