A TEENAGER who has left scarred after being slashed in the face has been told there is not enough evidence to prosecute the people who attacked him.

Linas Marcinkevcuis was also repeatedly smashed in the back with a hammer while he was attending a gathering in Butt Road, Colchester, in March.

Police helped the 17-year-old get to hospital for treatment for his injuries after being called to the house because of a complaint about the noise.

But Mr Marcinkevcuis has since been told the case has been closed and there is unlikely to be anything more police can do.

“I was shocked when they said there was no evidence,” he said.

“I got jumped by two people.

“One of them had a small knife which could be held between their two fingers.

“He slashed me twice.

“The other person hit me a couple of times.

“I was in massive pain and and my face was bleeding.

“I have no idea why they did it.

“It just seemed to all kick off for no reason.

“The police came to the house because they had some complaints about the noise and found me then I got sent to hospital.”

Mr Marcinkevcuis co-operated with the police fully and identified the attackers - who he knew.

But police have told him there is unlikely to be any prosecutions.

“When I got the letter I was thinking ‘What is happening?’

“They say there is not enough evidence but surely there is more than enough.

“I was just shocked really and I don’t think there is anything I can do now.”

Mr Marcinkevcuis, who lives in New Town, is now recovering from his attack although he is still in pain.

He added: “I am feeling better but I have big scars - two on my face - and my back still hurts.”

The letter sent to Mr Marcinkevcuis explaining the case had be closed said: “Unfortunately due to the evidential difficulties no charges will be brought against the suspects identified in this investigation.

“The investigation is now going to be closed and filed.

“If any new information comes to light then the investigation will be reviewed and possibly reopened.

“Any new lines of inquiry will then be pursued.”

Police confirmed two teenagers were arrested but there was not enough evidence for them to be charged.

A spokesman addded: "When a crime is filed, it means that there are currently no other lines of enquiries for our officers to follow up upon.

"It doesn't mean that the crime had been closed as any additional information received in relation to the incident will be looked into and investigated where appropriate."