PUPILS are being forced to walk in the road due to dangerous parking around primary schools in Rayleigh.

Concerns have been raised about the dangers at three schools caused by inconsiderate motorists.

Cars have also been seen to be parking on pavements causing traffic to swerve towards parents and children on the opposite site.

Schoolchildren from Rayleigh Primary School, Love Lane, are among those at risk and there were reports one car narrowly missed a member of staff last week.

Peter Malcolm, headteacher at Rayleigh Primary School, said: “Schools in this area are better served for those who are walking.

“Glebe is at the end of the road and Down Hall is in the middle of the housing estate.”

“It’s out of our hands but we have asked for traffic wardens, one-way systems and zebra crossings.

“Private companies are coming in to help later this half term.”

The other schools affected are Glebe Primary School, Creswick Avenue and Down Hall Primary School, Brooklyn Drive.

One resident, following another near miss, said: “We had a stark reminder of how catastrophic it could be, following a collision which saw a white van mount the path directly outside Rayleigh Primary.

“The same old issue has reared its ugly head again.

“Parents are fed up with the few selfish, ignorant people that choose to park how they do.”

Councillor Chris Stanley, said: “It’s really dangerous, they park right up to the roundabout, right where there is a zebra crossing.

“Due to the double yellows at Victoria, it’s moving one problem onto another.

“The best way is to either walk or ride a bike if possible.”

A spokesman from the South Essex Parking Partnership said: “Sepp is currently working with Glebe School who have introduced our school parking initiative called 3PR.

“The 3PR scheme aims to tackle parking problems by reducing the amount of traffic outside of schools, and promotes the three parking rules of ‘care, consideration and caution’.

“It also encourages families to consider other means of travelling to school such as walking, scooting and cycling.

“So far, the scheme has proved successful across a number of primary schools in Essex.”