A CAMPAIGN has been launched to fund a “bionic arm” for quadruple amputee Graham Palmer.

The family of the 61-year-old, of Great Knightleys, Basildon, believe the £15,000 arm will “drastically improve his quality of life”.

Basildon Standard:

Amputation - Graham lost multiple limbs and had multiple surgeries after his sepsis diagnosis

Basildon Standard:

Brave - Graham will never walk again

Basildon Standard:

Family - Graham with two of his grandchildren

In 2016 Graham was rushed to hospital with what he thought was a small infection.

An examination by doctors led to a diagnosis of streptococcus A and septicaemia and he was rushed into intensive care.

Initially, it was feared he may not make it as he went into multi organ failure and was deteriorating day by day.

Between May 29, 2016 and December 20 he underwent a host of operations before again developing sepsis in August 2017.

During the course of his spell in hospital, and the countless operations he underwent, he had both his legs amputated, as well as one hand up to his wrist, and the other hand left with only half a thumb.

Graham’s daughter, Teresa, admitted he will face constant operations throughout his life, but he is coping well and enjoys spending time with his family - although he struggles with a lack of independence. And his family are hoping the community can help raise £15,000 for a bionic arm.

Teresa said: “He has always been active, he used to work on the railway lines and was an engineer before that, so he has always worked with his hands. He always puts a brave face on it, but he struggles at times and my mum has to do everything for him, make a drink, change the television channel, all the things you take for granted.”

Graham also fractured his back several years ago, and complications to do with his sepsis means he cannot use prosthetic legs and will be in wheelchair the rest of his life.

Teresa added: “We just want him to have that slight bit of independence, it would mean the world to him. He met a little boy with a bionic arm and you could see how amazed he was. Dad would never ask, but this is something we want to do.”

Donate at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/grahampalmer1957

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