A COUPLE travelled 550 miles from Munich to Southend... just to watch a production of Bonnie and Clyde.

Christian and Carolin Domnick flew into Essex especially to watch the Southend Operatic and Dramatic Society (SODS) production of the famous film at the Palace Theatre.

The German couple grew up watching Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty run riot in the film, released in 1967.

The film – along with the stage play – follows the lives of American criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who were notorious robbers through the central states of the USA during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Christian, 52, and Carolin, 44, who works as an architect, have a keen interest in the American duo, who carried out their series of robberies and killings at banks, petrol stations and stores before meeting a grizzly end in a police ambush in May 1934..

It was while looking up information about Bonnie and Clyde that Christian found out about SODS’s production of the show on the society’s website.

Christian, an osteopath, said: “I asked Carolin if she would like to go to Southend to watch the musical.

“We spent three days in England and saw the show on the Saturday night.

“The show was brilliant and very professional - it was a great pleasure for us. Every actor and actress were very convincing.”

The couple flew into Stansted and stayed in London during their trip at the end of March, making day trips to places such as Whitstable.

Christian added: “As a boy I was fascinated of course by this exciting and independent life Bonnie and Clyde were living.

“Carolin and I both feel bit like Bonnie and Clyde the way we live and the way we inspire each other and experience the world around us.”

SODS chairwoman Emma Stow said: “We’ve had people come a fair distance to see our productions, but it’s not often that they fly in from Munich to watch us.

“They were a lovely couple and really enjoyed the show. Hopefully, we’ll see them again.”