ECHO readers rallied together to help a seven-year-old girl rebuild a “fairy garden” which was destroyed by thieves.

Kim Scruffy, 59, was distraught for her autistic granddaughter, Valentina, after seeing yobs had stolen ornaments which were part of a fairy garden she had created in the front garden, in Westcliff.

After an appeal carried by the Echo, people from around the town reached out to Kim to help Valentina re-create something even more magical.

Valentina’s grandmother and mother had initially planned to make up a story as to why the fairy garden had disappeared.

But unfortunately, Valentina found out about the thefts and was left very upset.

Kim said: “At first when Valentina found out that the bits had been stolen she was in tears all day.

“When I picked her up from school I explained the bits had been stolen and that they will be being spoken to by the policeman.

“So many people have been sending stuff and offering for us to go and collect bits - it’s been amazing.”

She added: “I can’t believe how much everyone has done.

“Once she saw how many new bits there were she was so happy.

“I am just so happy for her.

“People are still getting in contact now.

“Someone got in touch from the first appeal from the Echo, saying her dad owns a toy shop and is going to send Valentina some fairy toys.

“The people really have come together as a community and it’s just lovely.

“Southend gets slated all the time and it annoys me because it’s just like anywhere else, and there are some good apples out there.”

People have donated all kinds of items from fairy necklaces to art kits, and ornaments.

The family say they will recreate the garden in the back this time to protect it from prying eyes.

Grandmother Kim had initially spoken of her fear over how Valentina would react to the thefts.

She also labelled the people responsible as “scumbags” and had pledged to report the incident to Essex Police.