QUICK-THINKING residents came to the rescue of eight ducklings trapped in a water dyke.

Canvey resident Sara Knight, of Canvey, was out walking her dog when she heard a duck quacking loudly and sounding distressed near the water dyke on May Avenue.

Basildon Standard:

Happy - the rescued ducklings

When she got closer to the water regulator, she could see eight ducklings were trapped inside, with their mother outside.

Ms Knight said: “I was walking my dogs and heard a duck quacking a lot, sounding distressed, so I went over to the grill. I could hear the ducklings and when I looked, I saw them struggling to get out, they were stuck in with all the rubbish.

“There’s a bit of a ledge to get out but it’s covered in slimy weed and they couldn’t get up it.”

Three other women were walking by at the time and came over to try and help.

Ms Knight added: “I had the RSPCA on the phone as well in case we couldn’t get them out.

“We couldn’t reach them, so one of the young girls went to see if one of the fishermen would bring a net. When the fisherman came, I got off the phone and between all of us we got the eight ducklings out.

“It was a group effort, I couldn’t have got them out without everyone’s help.”

The ducklings were all rescued safely and given back to their mother.

They were later seen swimming around happily in the lake near the dyke.

The group’s rescue, which happened on May 6, drew praise when photos were shared on social media.