“THE Only Way is Brexit!” was the cry as Nigel Farage made a campaign visit to the Sugar Hut nightclub.

The famous nightclub, owned by Mick Norcross - the man behind the redevelopment of the Grand Hotel in Leigh - opened its doors to the Brexit Party leader as part of his campaign trail in Essex.

Basildon Standard:

Pals - Mr Farage and Mr Norcross share their views son Brexit

Basildon Standard:

Speech - the party leader outlined his vision at the Sugar Hut

Basildon Standard:

Candidates - the party is fighting for votes in the European Parliament election later this month

And Mr Norcross, 56, an avid Brexiteer, was more than happy to open his doors to the controversial former MP, a man he has been friends with for several years.

Mr Norcross said: “It was a fantastic turn out, including so many press. We had journalists and photographers from all over Europe and beyond attend, including one from Canada. I am a full supporter of the Brexit party, and I was really happy to be able to offer my support.

“It was only a small rally compared to some he has done recently, but when you think of the way Brentwood, and Essex, voted in Brexit, it is clear he has support in the area.

“I have known him for a few years now, and we have talked in the past about how I could offer support, so I had no hesitation in supplying a venue.

“I could not disagree with anyone who says he has Prime Minister credentials, although I am not sure how he would take it considering he tried to retire.

“He is more credible than our current leaders, and I have always found him very approachable and great to be around.

“You would happily introduce him to your mum or grandma.

“This is a great country and I have always said we should be able to govern ourselves.”

Boxer Dereck Chisora was among the crowd and international media and campaigners who descended on the nightspot, made famous by ITV show The Only Way Is Essex.

Mr Farage, 55, said: “I thought if we won the Brexit battle our politicians would simply have to deliver it.

“I’ve now learnt that this battle is about far more than Brexit, this battle actually is about democracy.

“It’s about whether we are a democratic nation, it’s about whether we have a bond of trust between us and those that govern us, it’s about how the rest of the world looks at us. We used to be an admired country. This Prime Minister and our Parliament have turned us into a laughing stock.”

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