FAMILIES fear they could be hurt by teenage motorbike riders using pavements like a road.

Concerns have been raised after a number of incidents including on Tuesday when moped were ridden on pavements around Wickford.

The mopeds and motorbikes are also crossing back and forth along roads blocking off cars.

One eyewitness to a near miss in Nevendon Road said: “They stopped, all spaced alongside each other so cars couldn’t go anywhere.

“The cars then had to go on the other side of the road to get past.

“They kept revving their engines and giving drivers plenty of hand gestures.

“They came from a school in Wickford.”

Another eyewitness called for more responsibility to be taken by parents.

She said: “So who will be responsible when one of them is knocked off their bike and killed?

“It’s ridiculous the children on bikes now.

“They’re driving on the main road the wrong way, they’re actually driving at cars.

“They’re going to cause a serious accident.

“They’re happy to give the finger to drivers and they all find it hilarious.”

Don Morris, councillor for Wickford Castledon ward, said: “The parents need to be bought to book about it.

“I understand that boys can be boys, but this is unacceptable.

“The danger is that they could permanently injure themselves or kill someone else.

“The pavements are meant to be for pedestrians, not vehicles; the bikes need to be confiscated.

“If anyone sees them, report it to the police straightaway.”

A spokesman from Essex Police, said: “We were called to reports of several teenagers who were behaving in an anti-social way near Nevendon Road, Wickford on May 28. They were believed to be riding motorbikes and riding dangerously on pavements. Officers attended and searched the area but were unable to find the alleged riders.

“Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 101 and quote incident 801 of 28/05.