FEARS the promise of new swimming pools in Pitsea and Laindon were used to win votes and won’t be built have been dismissed.

Basildon Council bosses confirmed reports are being prepared to make the new facilities a reality after Pitsea councillor Craig Rimmer claimed the projects will become stuck at the committee stage.

Councillor David Harrison, chairman of the council’s neighbourhoods and public spaces committee, said: “Nothing is being mothballed.

“On the contrary a report will come to the committee on September 25 on the work undertaken.”

He told the Echo it was November last year when plans for new facilities were suggested.

He said: “At that meeting members gave approval for works to be undertaken on the future provision of pools in Pitsea and Laindon in line with the projected growth of the borough.

“That is the report we will consider in September.”

Mr Rimmer said: “The council said it is not going to hold public consultations into the pools but only do an officer report.

“I believe the council is mothballing and is ignoring the public.”

Beryl Browne, 44, of High Road, Pitsea said: “I think actions speak louder than words.

“We want a swimming pool back in Pitsea, as we’ve been without one for a few years.

“I am pleased to hear the council says it is pushing for an update and work on this issue.

“If both pools go through it will be a great thing for the town’s as I am sure enough people will use the two pools.

“I definitely agree there is need for it - so we just want to see the council getting on with it.”

In May a consultation was promised looking at the building of a Billericay pool at Lake Meadows.

Councillor Kevin Blake added: “For Pitsea we’ve got around £2 million and if plans go ahead it’ll be more of an extension to the existing Eversley Centre, looking at a pool measuring about 20 metres. We’re still looking into the feasibility of the Laindon pool and looking at where it would be.”