PARKS could be cleared of dog muck after intrepid brothers aged eight and 12 launched doggie bag dispensers.

Joshua Lamb, and his younger brother Zakary, decided to take on the challenge of clearing up Magnolia Park to help make a difference to their community.

Basildon Standard:

Proud - the boys' simple message

They managed to get Hawkwell Parish Council on board as well as their friends with St Teresa’s Catholic School launching a poster competition to encourage people to use the dispensers.

Dispensers were put up at three locations at Magnolia Park on Saturday and could be rolled out at various other parks.

Their parents said: “We’re so proud of them.

“They’ve taken responsibility and ownership of the parks issues.

“It’s something they wanted to do to implement change.

“The parish council were really impressed.”

As part of the new project, the Dogs Trust will be supplying the bags, and Hawkwell Parish Council will be monitoring its success.

Children from years three to six at St Teresa’s Catholic School, Ashingdon Road, Rochford, entered the poster competition.

Alexander Enoma, ten, was named as the winner.

His poster is on display on the park notice board.

Roger Gardner, a Hawkwell parish councillor, added: “I was really pleased they got involved.

“It was a brilliant idea.

“We’re trialling it in Magnolia Park, with the view to move it out into other parks across the town.

“It’s brilliant that the younger generation are getting involved. They are the future politicians, the current ones need a push.

“The bottles are recycled and will be used again after the bags run out.

“They did it completely by themselves.

“Its unbelievable that youngsters have launched the project and produced the amazing posters.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to keep our parks clean and tidy.”