PUPILS at Greensward Academy in Hockley won an award for their music.

The academy, under the Academies Enterprise trust, were honoured at the awards in Northampton on Thursday.

The six pupils beat competition from 34,000 pupils across 62 schools under the trust with their vocal performance. They also impressed the judges so much they have been invited to perform at Wembley Arena on July 11 as part of the Rock Assembly, organised by the Transformation Trust social mobility charity.

Keziah Williams, Year 9 Greensward Academy student said: "We have all heard our favourite artists say what a buzz it is to perform in front of a live audience, and today we got to do it ourselves. To hear everyone clapping along to something we wrote was incredible. And then to be able to do it all again at Wembley next week, where so many of our pop idols have played is amazing."

Headteacher of Greensward Academy, Katie Scarnell, said: "Giving a group of students from our school the chance to perform like they did today is something they will likely never forget and I think serves to remind us of the point of education. No matter what your talent or skill or interest, a good school will help you find your niche and let you shine. And that is exactly what our singers did today and we couldn’t be more proud!"