PLANS for another 600-home mini town in Rochford have caused outrage with residents.

The homes proposed on land off of Ashingdon Road and Oxford Road, come hot-on-the-heels of the 600 homes being built on nearby greenbelt land off of Hall Road, Rochford.

The developer says along with the homes, it wants to provide children’s play areas, a park, allotments and community facilities. However, angry residents have highlighted the lack of school, GP surgeries and infrastructure provisions.

A petition has been started by the Rochford Cares Facebook group to stop the plans.

Member Melanie English can’t believe what’s happening to Rochford.

She said: “This is going to affect everyone.

“Not just the residents whose properties back on to the site.

“We’ve all been there trying to get to work and Rochford is gridlocked all because some poor soul’s broken down or someone dares to have something delivered to their home.

“All access to new housing spills out to the Ashingdon Road. A simple thing like that stops Rochford in its tracks. They are going to have a catastrophic effect on our community.”

The petition adds: “No plans for another doctor and we all know how difficult it is to get an appointment now. And no plans for another school. Well, if you’ve got little ones coming up to school age be prepared for a battle on your hands.”

More than 120 people signed the petition in the first day - and scores left comments on the Facebook page.

Mark Stoggall said: “Rochford basically has Victorian era country lanes but with main road traffic usage they were never designed for. It’s believed Thames Gateway general proposals are for housing and new build on all green fields from London to Southend so all areas will be urban, just like proposals for Maplin New City in the 1970s.”

Alyson Yates added: “Needs to stop and stop now. We do not need these houses to serve the local community as most are purchase by those out of area.

“We do not have the infrastructure to maintain the additional school places - doctors etc.

“We need to break from development and say no until the situation is reassessed.”

Residents are urged to attend the exhibition which will take place between 2pm and 8pm on Tuesday, July 16 at the Rochford Hotel in Bradley Way. Bloor homes was asked to comment, but did not reply.