A HEAVILY pregnant woman claims a council is treating her unfairly over parking restrictions.

Jade Jackson-Byrne, 31, is 35 weeks pregnant and lives in Brook Road, Benfleet, where no-one can park their cars between 11am and midday on weekdays.

This means Ms Jackson-Byrne has to move her car every day from the road unless she gets a parking ticket, despite being advised by her doctor to rest.

She claims the parking authority, South Essex Parking Partnership (SEPP), are doing nothing to help her or allow for her to leave her car near her house.

She said: “There are some days when you’re at my stage of pregnancy where you have very little energy and you’re advised not to be too active, and you want to be able to relax in your home.

“But these restrictions mean I have to get up, get my four-year-old daughter sorted, go out and move my car or take my daughter elsewhere to avoid being charged.

“I would park down at the end of the road in the park, but the gates get locked in the evening, and in an emergency that would be a disaster.”

Ms Jackson-Byrne said a solution would be for the parking authority to allow for her to temporarily keep her car on the road without being charged until she has given birth, but said it has stated it’s not their responsibility.

She goes out with her daughter every day to avoid having fines put in place.

She said: “I just feel like the whole situation is extremely unfair. I was put into this home by the council, I didn’t specifically choose to be here but I’ve made the best of it.

“Every time I’ve tried talking to the council they’ve just said it’s nothing to do with them and there’s nothing that can be done.

“I’m just at my wits end as I have to get up and move about every day when I should be relaxing and be able to enjoy my pregnancy.

“I know parking is an issue in most areas but I feel they could do more to support people who are in similar situations to me.”

A spokesman for SEPP said: “We are in liaising with the person in question and discussing potential solutions to help the situation.”