COURT proceedings have been put in place to remove a group of travellers from a field on Canvey.

A total of 16 caravans and 14 vehicles moved onto the field next to Waterside Farm Leisure Centre at around 6pm on Tuesday evening.

The travellers were understood to be the same ones who had been ordered to leave Blackshots fields in Thurrock on Tuesday morning.

Castle Point Council served the travellers with a formal notice to leave by midday on Thursday but this has been ignored.

A spokesman for the council said: "Travellers were served with formal notice to leave by midday on Thursday, and as they have not complied with the notice court proceedings have been issued by the Essex Traveller Unit.

"These court proceedings are set to be heard on Monday July 15.

"The court order will require the travellers 24 hours to leave. Arrangements are being made to enforce the order."

Resident reported that many of the travellers had not shown any signs of leaving on Thursday.

Michelle Dawson said: "I drove by the field at around 2pm and there were several still hanging out their washing.

"None of them looked like they were leaving any time soon.

"They didn't take any notice of the council, and now they're on land they shouldn't be and are not paying any taxes. It's ridiculous."

Carly Reed said: "They were still there at noon, but they were all quite polite when I was walking around and there wasn't any mess.

"We know they shouldn't be there but they didn't seem to be causing any problems."

Robert Cheek said: "Trespassing is not a crime in this country otherwise they would of been arrested.

"If they cause no damage and leave the field in a better state then it was before, then I don't see a problem with it.

"People are too quick to tar everyone with the same brush these days."