TRAVELLERS have moved off Canvey after being threatened with court action.

The party of around 16 caravans and 14 vehicles left the field next to Waterside Farm Leisure Centre at around 11pm on Thursday night.

They had previously been ordered to leave by noon on the same day, and when they didn't, Castle Point Council moved to have court litigation put in place for Monday to get an order for them to leave within 24 hours.

The group arrived at 6pm on Tuesday, disrupting traffic and causing delays as they drove straight onto the field from Somnes Avenue.

Essex Police's Gypsy, Traveller and Rural Engagement team tweeted on Thursday that warnings had to be made to the travellers after reports of anti-social behaviour were made.

However, by the end of the evening the team stated all caravans had gone. They said: "The site is now clear, and the field has been handed back to the sports centre.

"Thank you to the staff for your hospitality, it was greatly received."