DIRECTORS of a Basildon play centre have been forced to defend their reputation after coming under fire from furious parents.

A number of families have raised concerns about Partyman World of Play, in Repton Close.

The complaints centre on the cleanliness of the venue, leaks in a roof and that nursery children from the Twizzle Tops Day Nursery are often left to wander the centre unattended, near to a steep flight of stairs.

Parents whose children attend the special educational needs (SEN) sessions which take place at Partyman each month, have also complained that parents are abusing the group’s free entry rule, with “everyone and anyone” being able to attend.

Ellie Yarrow-Sanders, from Langdon Hills, said: “I’ve been there a few occasions and had to remove other people’s children from storage cupboards full of cleaning equipment before they got hurt, and the children from the nursery are left to wander the play centre unsupervised.”

The 26-year-old added: “When we go to the special needs evening, it’s not even worth it as they allow anyone and everyone to attend.

“The music is also blaring so any child with sensory issues is overwhelmed by it.

“It’s a shame as I know of other families like mine that feel unable to go there due to the issues for SEN night.

“It’s one of the most expensive play centres, so you expect a bit of a higher standard.

“We’ve decided we won’t be using Partyman anymore for my young son or for my disabled brother, as even after telling the staff of these problems, nothing ever changes.”

Directors at Partyman World of Play Basildon are working to address the issues.

Aaron Othman, managing director at Partyman World of Play, Basildon, said: “Due to the recent wet weather we had a number of leaks and our staff did their best to manage these and ensure customer safety. We have a team of contractors booked in to address this issue.

“The site does get heavily used, but is cleaned daily. However, having been opened for 12 years, we acknowledge that the site won’t look as pristine as a newly-opening site. We have plans to update the site as our funds allow.

“Children would never be left unsupervised, including the area where there are three stairs that go onto the stage.

“After receiving reports of some misuse of our free SEN sessions, we will be introducing the requirement to prove the SEN status of the child from January 2020, to ensure we have provided adequate notice of this change.

“We receive all feedback very openly and have responded so that we can address the concerns raised.”