A DOG owner has called for more signs in a popular park after her beloved pooch had emergency surgery after getting a fishing hook lodged in her throat.

Jan Wood, 75, from Billericay, told the Echo that her labrador retriever cross had swallowed the string of a fishing line, with a hook and ball attached, at Lake Meadows park, and had required emergency surgery to remove it.

Koral, an eight-year-old former guide dog, had swallowed the discarded equipment last Sunday, which sparked Ms Wood’s campaign for more signs to tell fishermen to pick up their mess. She said: “They need to be more responsible for their stuff.

“The fishermen think they run the park. Some are so arrogant and unkind.

“They were shouting at me to look after my dog and it wasn’t their fault.

“Everybody should be responsible for their things.

“Dog walkers are told to pick up their dog’s mess. Why aren’t the fishermen?

“I’ve had one rather unsuccessful 20-minute conversation with the council.

“My daughter-in-law is putting the message out on social media too to try and get others to help.”

Jan recalled the horrific incident last Sunday: “It was horrendous.

“She was badly choking.

“I was so lucky that my vet was on emergency call.

“The vet told that if the hook had been in her throat for much longer she would have died.”

Ms Wood added that dogs and their owners shouldn’t have to worry about sharp objects being left around, adding: “Owners are so concerned that they don’t let dogs off the lead.

“Dogs should be able to freely roam and enjoy the open space.

“Koral wouldn’t hurt a flea, but it only takes minutes for a tragedy to happen.”

A Basildon Council spokesperson said: “We hope the dog involved makes a full recovery.

"Obviously, we want all users of our parks to enjoy them, whether that is walking their dogs, riding their bikes or fishing.

"A Water Bailiff does regularly speak to those fishing at the lake about being responsible with their fishing equipment and we also urge dog owners to always keep their dogs close to them on a lead."