PLANS for a new care home for troubled teenagers have been approved... despite 23 objections from worried neighbours.

Castle Point Council has given Momentum Residential Care Ltd the green light to convert 68 Surig Road into the care home.

The plans are believed to be for six children

The firm offers care for young people aged 12 to 17 with challenging behaviours such as drug misuse, violence, aggression and autism spectrum disorder.

But residents living nearby said they are worried about antisocial behaviour.

Sheila Baxster, 70, of Surig Road, said: “This should not have gone ahead and as residents we feel like we’ve just been ignored.

“This is a small residential street and it’s not suitable for this sort of facility.

“We are worried about noise, disruption and bad behaviour and we don’t want that in our area and community.

“I am surprised that this plan has been approved with all the objections and concerns raised.

“I really do hope it doesn’t cause disruption to our area.”

Billy Higgins, 50, added: “I think it’s a very difficult issue, as I understand these care homes must be built to offer support for these people but I do feel this is not the right place for it.

“We don’t want any trouble or issues here and there is a serious concern this care home will come with these sort of incidents.

“Parking is already bad there and it could make it worse.

“I know other similar places call the police and it could happen here too.”

The council officers report states: “The objection comments received to this proposal indicate a fear of noisy and anti-social behaviour from occupants of the care home.

“The permanent staff presence on site would ensure supervision, and the ability to manage any situations that may arise, so it is not expected that noise emanating from the building would be significantly different to if it were occupied as a single family home.”

A spokesman for the firm said: “The care home will be well staffed at all times and will comply with all the statutory requirements.”

and regulations.”