A MAN doused police officers with petrol at the end of a police chase from Canvey to Basildon.

At Basildon Crown Court, Justin Jackson, 28, admitted eight counts of administering a noxious substance with intent to injure, annoy or aggrieve.

The attack happened in Ward Close, Laindon, where police had attempted to arrest a youth riding a motorbike which had allegedly been stolen from Canvey.

A large police presence descended onto the road with officers in a stand-off with residents as scores of people gathered on a green in the centre of the housing estate.

When officers tried to arrest the youth at a block of flats, Jackson threw petrol in their faces.

Jackson who lived in Ward Close, Laindon, was later arrested and initially charged with seven attempts to cause grievous bodily harm.

A hearing took place on September 23.During the hearing charges of GBH, which were denied, were dropped. Jackson subsequently admitted throwing the petrol at officers to annoy.

His actions were described as a “despicable act of violence” by Steve Taylor, chairman of the Essex Police Federation.

The incident took place on May 5 and pleas were entered on September 24.

Jackson is due to be sentenced at Basildon Crown Court later this month.

At Chelmsford Crown Court on August 16, a 17 year-old boy, the driver of the motorbike, was banned from driving for 12 months and fined for dangerous driving.

Mr Taylor previously said having been physically attacked while arresting two suspects, five brave police officers were also doused in petrol – two of whom were left in hospital as the substance got into their eyes and mouths.

The police federation boss added police officers do not come to work to be attacked.

He added: “We join right-minded members of the public in being appalled at this latest incident.”

* This copy has been amended to correct the charge admitted. Essex Police provided a statement regarding the charges which was published in good faith by the Echo. This was later corrected by Essex Police and has been clarified above.