Airport’s pursuit of profit costs us dear GLYN Roberts, chief executive at

Southend Airport

, appears to have scant regard for the environment and for those who live under the flight path in his headlong pursuit for more profit by increasing flights.

The admission that there will be more night flights appears to be the thin end of the wedge.

I recently dropped friends off at Terminal Five at Heathrow.

The drop-off point was well signposted and I was able to park easily with no hassle and no cost.

Compare this to other friends who dropped their daughter and two young children with buggies etc at Southend airport, only to receive a parking fine of £100.

What a way to treat paying customers.


Mountdale Gardens, Leigh

...I LOVE Southend Airport on our doorstep.

I understand people living around it may have issues regarding the environment and noise, but it is an amazing facility for many with direct routes to Europe.

Long may its success continue, it’s great for all of us.


Hildaville Drive,