SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin has warned the Shrimpers squad they must shape up to avoid being shipped out.

Blues have a made a shocking start to the season with just one win in their first 17 League games.

And Martin insists changes will be made to turn things around.

“Sol is getting to know the players now and some won’t feature in our plans,” Martin told TalkSport 2.

“We will be making changes in January and the players know that too.

“Those who want to stay must up their game because we won’t put up with the kind of performance we saw at Dover on Sunday.”

The Shrimpers were beaten 1-0 by non-league Dover in the first round of the FA Cup.

And Martin has been far from impressed by the level of performances.

“The performances have been nothing short of atrocious in recent weeks,” said Martin.

“Poor Sol (Campbell) has had a baptism of fire but he’s getting to grips with it now and I do feel confident about the medium term.

"The first three or four matches was always going to be difficult for him because he doesn’t know the players very well. “

However, Martin has already warmed to the former England international and the passion he shows while watching the Shrimpers.

“I like Sol and I particularly like his commitment to winning,” said Martin.

“It’s early days in our relationship but so far we’re singing from the same song-sheet.

“What I particularly like is his strength of character and passion.

“You can see that on the side-lines and I can’t say I’ve seen that with other managers in recent times.

“He is particularly passionate about winning and he won’t put up with people not performing."

As a result, Martin remains confident Blues are still facing a bright future.

"Everything off the pitch and the council being hugely proactive will help the club in the medium and longer term," said Martin.

"But right now the thing that isn’t going right is on the pitch.

"Ordinarily with the quality of the players we thought we had acquired it was an easy job but it’s proved enormously difficult and it’s been 18 months of torture.

"But I've said I'll back Sol and I will."