TENANTS living in newly-built “luxury” apartments say they have had enough of the constant smell of cannabis in the non-smoking building.

It appears the nuisance tenant, believed to be regularly smoking drugs in their flat at Baryta House, at Victoria Avenue, in Southend, has ignored pleads from fellow neighbours.

Managing agents of the 11-storey block, Ayers and Cruiks, say the have sent letters out to all of the tenants to reiterate the fact that smoking is strictly forbidden.

One of tenants, a mother to a young child, said she is now moving out because of how strong the smell of cannabis is in her flat on a daily basis, including in her child’s room.

She claims to have been constantly ignored by Ayer and Cruiks after sending numerous emails to complain and decided to terminate her contract.

There have also been reports of cigarettes butts on the floor in communal landings.

Another tenant, who did not want to be named, said: “The weed smoking is a huge problem.

“My flat absolutely reeks to the point where it makes me feel sick.

“I’ve honestly had enough.

“I’ve even seen notes pop up asking whoever it is to stop so it’s clearly affecting other tenants living here as well.

“For the amount of rent I pay here for what is supposed to be for professional people, the way Ayers and Cruiks are dealing with this is totally unacceptable.

“I will be calling the police if this carries on as enough is enough now.”

A spokesman for Ayers and Cruiks, in Southend, said they were aware.

He said: “We have a zero tolerance policy in terms of smoking within any of our managed residential blocks/properties.

“There has previously been a report that someone on the fourth floor of Baryta House was smoking cannabis, but we have not been able to find any evidence of this, nevertheless we acted immediately by delivering a letter to each apartment making them aware that we had been made aware and if it was in fact true, then whoever the offender must cease immediately.”