SOCIAL workers have taken over the finances of an Alzheimer’s patient and are refusing to let her have a say, it is claimed.

The Alzheimer’s patient, and her friend of 20 years, Avril Duffy, who is also a carer for the 88-year-old, claim they are not even allowed in the hearing to discuss what is happening with her money.

And it is alleged social services claimed there is no point the lady going because “she would forget about it anyway”.

Mrs Duffy, of York Road, Southend, claims social services will be taking the lady’s money and giving it to her in weekly allowances on a card provided to her by carers.

Avril told the Echo that her friend would also not be allowed to attend a meeting on Thursday, where 15 social workers will formally decide on the approach on the 88-yearold’s finances.

Mrs Duffy stated that she will be taking the patient, also of York Road, to the meeting “no matter what”.

The 64-year-old, said: “It’s totally unfair on her. They keep telling us that she is incapable.

She isn’t incapable.

“She knows that it’s her money and she is capable of spending it. She’s still doing really well actually. her memory is getting better in my opinion.

“We’re horrified and appalled at the decision.

“They’ve said they’re doing it to support me as a carer. I don’t want their money.

“I’ve been her friend for two decades and I’ve looked after her voluntarily for years. I cook her meals and do her hair in the mornings.

“It’s a human rights issue.

They’re taking her last shred of dignity away from her.”

Avril added that social services are usually extremely helpful but that this issue needs to be highlighted because there is no balance.

Mrs Duffy said: “Social services are brilliant.

“They’ve helped her so much since she was diagnosed last year. This is way too far though.

We’re trying to raise awarenesses to families and carers of the powers that social services think they have.

“They haven’t taken into account her feelings by not letting her come to the meeting and the carers told me that this was all okay because ‘she would forget about it anyway’. How dare they say that.”

A Southend Council spokesperson said: “We have a duty of care to our more vulnerable members of the community and this includes investigating safeguarding concerns when they are raised.

"We cannot comment on individual cases but any investigations which take place, always have the person’s best interests at heart.”