A NEW ring road could be built at Southend Hospital to improve access for patients and paramedics.

Plans have been submitted to demolish an existing building as part of the development work at the site.

The internal ring road has been pitched as a way to help the hospital and cut congestion on surrounding roads.

During peak times, motorists are creating “dangerous” conditions as cars queue along Prittlewell Chase to get into Southend Hospital’s car park.

Eamon Malone, chief estates and facilities officer for Mid and South Essex University Hospitals Group, said: “As part of our overall estates redevelopment strategy, plans are in place to create a ring road within the hospital grounds, linking the various car parks together.

“W In line with these plans we are planning to extend the education centre to provide space to accommodate administrative staff previously housed in offices elsewhere within the hospital site.”

The application seeks the demolition of the Churchfield Two building - which sits between car park H and the road and roundabout already within the hospital site.

The building currently houses administration staff, who will be moved to the education centre on site.

Part of the plans would see the creation of an additional floor on the education centre, which would then house administrative staff on the alternative site.

The application reads: “There are a number of reasons why the NHS trust is proposing to redevelop this service, to provide better administration accommodation and to free up space in the Churchfield 2 building to enable its demolition as part of wider hospital plans.”