Dramatic footage shows the moment police recovered a £65,000 designer watch just minutes after a violent street robbery.

The victim had left a nightclub just before 4am when a man approached him and demanded he talk to him on April 21.

As he tried to walk away he was grabbed and pushed against a shop shutter while the robber called to his accomplices waiting nearby.

The gang repeatedly punched him in the head while another thug held his arms down and yanked his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch off his wrist.

The robbers sped off in a black Mercedes people carrier after the robbery in Birmingham city centre.

The victim dialled 999 and within minutes officers patrolling the city centre spotted the car on Broad Street.

Cops followed the car before pulling it over on nearby Ladywood Middleyway.

Bodycam footage shows an officer open the driver’s door and point a taser at the men ordering them to “Show us your hands!”

He then tells the driver: “Pass me the key.”

Basildon Standard:

Armed - Taser officers approach the vehicle

Two officers spot one of the passengers shove something between the back seats which turned out to be the stolen watch.

It was reunited with the owner who had inherited it from a relative who had recently died.

The three crooks were jailed after admitting the robbery at Birmingham Crown Court on November 22.

Jovan Mulcare, 28, of Bentham Court, London, was jailed for four years and six months.

Andre Hewitt, 28, of Grays, was sentenced to three years and nine months while Alimi Aviz, 23, of Hackney, London, was jailed for three years.

Detective Constable Stephen Foy, from West Midlands Police, said: “This was great work by officers who were able to quickly identify the robbers.

"Just over 30 minutes after the original 999 call, we had the offenders in custody and the watch recovered.”