A WOMAN who lost seven stone has told how she was bullied by the public for her weight when enjoying nights out.

Katie Webber, 25, from Basildon decided to lose weight herself and boost her confidence after the incredible transformation.

She said vile bullies would fat-shame her when she would be out on the town.

The office manager, who works at Basildon Hospital, started having health problems a couple of years ago.

She had a blood clot on her left leg and was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can cause weight gain and also bring on infertility in women.

She said: “I knew I had to do something as my weight had ballooned to nearly 19 stone at 22 years of age.”

“I was in hospital while they treated the blood clot and I also had cysts that needed draining which were caused by being overweight.

“When I was discharged, I decided the first thing I was going to do was tackle my weight problem.”

After a year following dieting plans from Slimming World and Fine Dieting Plan, Katie lost seven stone.

It gave her the confidence to step up her transformation by going to the gym.

Katie’s bold decision coincided with easyGym opening up in Basildon.

She said: “The staff were very friendly and I felt as if it was somewhere I could give it a go without being embarrassed.

“The easyGym staff made me feel very comfortable and the fact that the gym is open around the clock, seven days a week, was a big plus as I tend to work long shifts.

“It meant I could never have the excuse that I couldn’t get there in time.

“They also had a very favourable opening offer so I decided to join.

“No one actually believed that I could do it.

“But I have proved everyone wrong.”

Katie, who says her health is now much better, is looking forward to the upcoming party season.

The office manager added: “I can’t wait to wear my little black dress, which I have bought in a size 12 – the last one I wore was a size 24. It was more like a little black tent.”