AN 81-YEAR-OLD man fought off an armed attacker with his umbrella after being threatened with being stabbed.

The victim was in the park when someone approached him from behind demanding his money and threatening to stab him if he did not hand it over.

Instead the pensioner fought back pulling out his umbrella before the attempted robber fled.

His proud son, 47, from Billericay said he was horrified to hear what had happened but said the robber “picked on the wrong 81-year-old to mess with”.

The son, whose identity is remaining hidden to protect his father, said: “He was walking home after doing a bit of shopping on the high street, when someone behind him shouted ‘oi mate’, so he turned around to see what was going on.

“That’s when the man told him to give him his money or he would stab him. Dad told him that he was a pensioner so he didn’t have any, but the thug didn’t care and just repeated ‘I’m going to count to three and if you haven’t gave me the money I’ll stab you’.

“I think dad was in pure shock, but luckily managed to keep his cool. He tried to stall him, asking if he really wanted to attack someone over a couple of quid, and because he hadn’t actually seen the knife yet started to take a few steps back.

“He told me that in that three seconds he took a good look at him to make sure he would remember what he looked like, and was debating whether or not he could outrun him.

“Deciding against that idea, he pulled out the umbrella he kept in a plastic bag and waved it at him shouting ‘come on then’.”

He continued: “The man who threatened my dad was in his early twenties, five foot nine, white, dark hair, slim build and had a strong Northern Irish accent.

“It makes me so angry, nobody should have to go through anything like this, let alone an old man.

“I’m so proud of him.

Essex Police confirmed they are investigating the incident which took place on Tuesday at about 3.30pm.

It happened in Lake Meadows, Billericay.

Call 101 quoting crime reference 42/195924/19.