A WIMPY is being converted into a new pizzeria.

The classic venue in High Street, Wickford, is set to reopen as a Tony’s Authentic Pizza and Street Food outlet, hopefully this week.

Works are underway inside the restaurant ahead of the planned grand reopening.

New restaurateur Antonio Pulli, 37, said he’s looking forward to opening his first outlet.

He said: “We will be offering pizza and street food, such as oven baked and deep fried food.

“There will also be seating for 42 people in the restaurant.

“We are hoping to open on Friday, but are not too sure yet about an exact date.

“This is my first restaurant but my dad ran a few previously so I have some idea.

“I am very excited to get it open to the public but also to be opening my first restaurant.

“I have been working as a chef for a long time now too.

“I think the people of this town will be happy about it, there’s been a lot of interest from people.

“The residents want to know when it’s opening and what we will have to offer.”

But the new restaurant boss is keeping tight-lipped about the cost of the refurbishment project.

Meanwhile, residents said they were very happy to see more investment in the town centre.

Barbara Debhurd, 55, said: “I am so pleased to see this is opening soon in the high street.

“It’s always good to have new businesses opening and more interest in our town centre.

“And it is always good to have more competition for business and this will help that.

“I can see this being a big hit in the town and with Wetherspoons coming now too it’s going to be all change.

“I wish this owner and restaurant all the best for the future.”