AN art retrospective showing works across the years by two well known artists - Sheila Appleton and Ian Smith - is to be held at the Beecroft Art Gallery. 
Opening on March 8, the exhibition will open to the public, with a special event where you can meet the artists (pictured) during the daytime, from 11am.
Ian explained: “We decided to hold the exhibition combined, where we will be showing early of works of Sheila and myself up until present day. It was quite difficult to choose what pieces to show, because of course there are so many. 
“Sheila is now in her Eighties and I am 75. 
“The works will be extremely different but we hope will be interesting and will be a combination of all sorts from oil paintings to small contructions .”
Sheila also has a book being published which she will sell copies of, at the exhibition. 
She explained: “The title of the book is ‘Sheila Loves...’  It’s full of anecdotes I suppose, things I have done in my life from the days when I used to paint the cocklers and watch the skippers coming in as a young girl in Old Leigh. I am 88 years old now.”
There is a plan to play an audio version of the book, while the exhibition is on.
The exhibition takes place on the same day as International Women’s Day, which is apt as Sheila used to be “a bit of a woman’s libber, after I read The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer” she says. “I was also named Woman of the Year once, locally, for International Women’s Day. 
“I remember how it used to be for female painters. Once, years ago, when I tried to get a painting in a London exhibition, I was told I was ‘good for a woman’.”