TRAIN operator c2c has launched a new campaign to help customers beat the ticket office queues.

Following a long list of customers' woes which has seen c2c come under fire several times over ticketing problems and queues at stations, the operator's campaign hopes to regain the public's trust by reducing ticket office queues.

Here's what bosses have pledged:

  • Improved stability of c2c’s ticketing systems through software upgrades which will reduce faults and speed up transaction times
  • User improvements to fix the most common customer complaints, making it easier and quicker to buy online, at a ticket machine or over the counter at station
  • Providing more options for buying tickets, introducing greater choice in how to buy a ticket including a new app going live this summer and wider availability of new Smartcard tickets at stations
  • Staffing improvements to ensure more staff are available where and when they are needed most, with improvements to ticket office staffing at busy times and more gateline staff on duty to prevent fare dodgers

c2c is backing these initiatives with extra help and advice for customers.

These include FAQs tackling common complaints, drop-in sessions to help customers with Smartcard problems, and new “how to” videos available online and played at stations.

Julian Drury, c2c managing director, said: “We know our customers have faced too many problems when buying their tickets over the last six months, and we’re sorry for all the frustration this has caused.

"We’ve heard this feedback loud and clear, and we are doing something about it.

“Some of the improvements are already in place, while others will follow in the coming weeks and months.

"We know it will take time to rebuild the faith of our customers, but we intend to get there.

"We are investing time, effort and money to reduce the queues and to make our ticket systems as reliable and efficient as our train service is.”

Full details of c2c’s reduce the queues campaign is available online at