A COUNCILLOR has raised safety concerns over plans to extend nursery facilities at a primary school, citing it would increase traffic and see more “irresponsible” parents parking dangerously during the school run.

A planning application was submitted in December to Basildon Council, for a single storey extension at Lee Chapel Primary School, at The Knares, in Basildon, to provide extra nursery space to accommodate 26 full-time children.

It appears that residents have not opposed the plans. Councillor Kerry Smith, chairman of the planning committee, hoped to discuss the plans at the next committee meeting.

He explained he was working on a scheme with South Essex Parking Partnership for the last 18 months, to install new and update existing parking restrictions outside of the school’s gate area.

He commented: “During the school run, too many parents park in the most irresponsible manner outside of the school gates.

“I would be very glad to meet with you during the school run so that you can see how some people think they can park where they like with no regards to others’ safety.

“Many parents that are not local to Nethermayne Ward use the nursery places to try and get their child into the school for their primary education.

“This means they have to drive and find somewhere to park.

“In short, this planning application will create extra vehicle movements and increase the risk of an accident. The ongoing parking farce during the school run needs to brought to heel and a viable scheme needs implementing before planning permission can be granted.”

The nursery classroom extension would accommodate 26 30-hour funded full-time nursery children which will result in one extra teacher and one full-time learning support assistant being employed.

It would be open from 8.30am to 2.55pm, and have a separate entrance to the main school.

The school confirmed that it currently has 94 part-time nursery places for three and four-year-olds at the school who are supported by 11 members of staff.