AIRPORT bosses say they are willing to work with furious residents to reduce the impact of flights upon them - especially if they live in Leigh.

Southend Airport chiefs met with Southend Council and MP Sir David Amess to discuss residents’ concerns about the impact of the terminal’s flight paths.

Glyn Jones, chief executive of Southend Airport, and Alison Griffin, chief executive of Southend Council, attended the meeting.

Sir David said the purpose of the meeting was to share the growing list of complaints from campaigners on air pollution, night flights and other concerns.

The Southend West MP said he left them in no doubt this is an issue which is not going to go away and one which needs action now.

He told the bosses the night flights are “unacceptable”, pollution levels are a worry and some residents living adjacent to the Charlie Taxiway - which is metres from their homes at times - wanted their properties compulsory purchased.

Sir David said the number of night flights - which are agreed as part of a Section 106 planning agreement between Southend Council and the airport - was discussed but any changes would have to be mutually agreed between the airport and the authority.

The Tory MP said he plans to send all members of the airport consultative committee the most recent list of resident complaints.

Ron Woodley, Southend Council deputy council leader, said: “Councillor Carole Mulroney is working hard on this issue with the airport and residents.

“The agreement was the airport can do 120 night flights each month, but it only has 90.”

The indepedent member added: “Any opportunity to change would come if the airport wanted to increase the number of flights.”

A Southend Airport spokesman said: “The councillors are in dialogue with the airport and have expressed the views of residents.

“The airport in turn is listening and engaging. We are together formulating an action plan.

“Though we are not yet at a stage where we can offer definitive steps, we are actively exploring opportunities to reduce the impact of flights over Leigh.

“We will provide an update as soon as we are able.”