GOOD Samaritans left food outside the homes of NHS and emergency workers.

Residents spotted the piles of food and essential household items outside Cavendish Court, Bessemer Close.

The flats house nurses, doctors, police officers and firefighters.

Due to the mass panic-buying of goods as a result of the coronavirus spreading across the UK, workers on more restrictive hours have less opportunity to getting supplies.

Jack Bosh, who lives opposite the flats, spotted the Good Samaritans' work as he was leaving home.

He said: "Amazing to see essentials have been left by someone for the doctors and nurses who live opposite me that work at Basildon Hospital.

"I was just passing by as I was leaving my place.

"It’s run by Family Mosaic, so it isn’t just nurses and doctors.

"Also police and firefighters, however mostly drs and nurses due to being so close to the hospital."