A RAYLEIGH park has been trashed by inconsiderate individuals after bottles of alcohol were left behind.

The photo suggest the careless yobs had used the picnic bench in Sweyne Park, in Rayleigh and didn't take their rubbish with them.

The rubbish from the bin had also been littered across the green but, this could have been down to a naughty fox.

Conservative councillor for Sweyne Park and Grange ward, Danielle Belton, said: "Seeing our open spaces left like this is both upsetting and very concerning given the current pandemic we are facing.

"It’s hard to believe social distancing was being adhered to at the bench.

"I understand people want to enjoy the sunshine and open air, but disregarding the rules and then leaving your mess for others to clear up is unacceptable.

"If anyone spots gatherings where the current rules appear to be being flouted, I would encourage you to report it to the police."

Play areas are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but people are still allowed to go to open spaces and parks.